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My name is Paul Griffiths, an aspiring web developer who graduated with a Computer Science honours degree.

Through my quick thinking and love for searching and implementing smart, feasible solutions it has qualified me for a number of projects which I have developed during my spare time. I am highly focused and have an extreme determination to keep bettering myself and therefore, up to this day, I continue to look for ingenious ways to improve my talents and skills to help serve more people within the industry. My talent, unique skills and intense dedication to my craft have recently assisted me in creating my very own content managed online portfolio which I have developed using Umbraco.

As I continue to concentrate on building a successful career, working as a support developer for a digital agency in Liverpool has been highly beneficial and is helping me move towards my ultimate goal of becoming an accomplished developer. My days at work are never the same, every call, every client is always different which gives me a chance to keep improving my ability and assist with all technical matters with maximum efficiency. Whilst at work I am frequently tasked with developing functionality for both new and existing award-winning solutions.

Paul Griffiths - Web Developer

"Challenge yourself with something you know you could never do, and what you’ll find is that you can overcome anything."

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Maybe you have an idea and would like some assistance turning it into a website? Perhaps you already have a website but you need some help improving it? Maybe you are running a business and feel it’s time to go digital but require a website to do so? Whatever is the reason as to why you might need my help regarding a website then please feel free to get in touch.

Industry Interests


I describe Umbraco as "the best thing since sliced bread" but the official website has a more accurate description labelling it as “a fully-…Read More


I am currently in the process of populating the content across my site. Unfortunately I have not got around to populating this area of the s…Read More


I am currently in the process of populating the content across my site. Unfortunately I have not got around to populating this area of the s…Read More


I am currently in the process of populating the content across my site. Unfortunately I have not got around to populating this area of the s…Read More


Wrexham Groundwork Services

My latest Umbraco website development is for a new local business called Wrexham Groundwork Services which is owned by my brother. The site is fully content managed to allow him, an non technical user to be able to add, delete and edit all his own co…Read More

Published on March 01, 2017

Cefn Albion Football Club

I recently launched the new Cefn Albion FC website that I have been developing in my spare time over the last couple of months. The response has been great and their new website seems to have been well received. I am a current player for Cefn Albion …Read More

Published on September 20, 2016

Superior Garage Doors

A colleague and I delivered our latest umbraco project. We have delivered a stylish one page responsive design for a local garage door business called superior garage doors. The site is completely content managed which allows the client to control al…Read More

Published on August 23, 2016



Football is easily my most favourite hobby, it’s a sport that I have enjoyed since as long as I can remember both watching and par…Read More


Darts is a sport I have always enjoyed and something I have been interested in and playing since I had my first set of Eric Bristo…Read More


Most of us have that one person in our family who is pretty handy with computers and in our family I seem to be that person. It do…Read More


I have always had an interest in photography but the truth be told I have never had the time/equipment to focus on it more serious…Read More

Blog Posts

February 06, 2016

Installing Umbraco 7 (Part 4) - Final Installation Steps

For the first part in this series of blog posts, which details the process that I followed to manually install Umbraco CMS version 7.3.0, I documented the steps to successfully set up a new empty project in Visual Studio 2013 and how to download and install the Umbraco CMS package to your solution using NuGet package manager. In the second part, I detailed the process I followed to successfully create a new database/user in Microsoft SQL Serve…Read More

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